Fleeing Greenport

We told you so

Having cleared the gate The Opposition sprinted across the open land between the walled city and the Dockyards. Taking refuge for a second at the apparently abandoned tower that used to guard the halfway point along the road. Breaking down the dilapidated door the party found that the decrepit watch tower was not as empty as it appeared. We burst in upon a surprised dwarf named… Mo. After stammered explanations Mo also became swept up in the Opposition’s mad dash to escape the Greenport Authorities and the demonic plans of the Friends.
Approaching the Dockyards the Opposition is distressed to see not one but three supernaturally beautiful Elven women floating across the bay from the far shore. A Draining fight with the Baobhan sith ensues. While the center-most fey is engaged in bloody combat with us on the road, the other two quickly crossed the open ground toward the city gates. They make quick work of the guards a head deeper into the city. When the group finally seems to be gaining the upper hand on the blood sucker, Slash the Dwarf from earlier appears on the scene and challenges the group and joins the fray. Thankfully with the assistance of Mo we defeated both the Paladin and the summoned Fey. The party had just enough time to loot the now still dwarf before Poof arrived on a ship upriver that he had arranged for several days ago.


dhelmgren WrestleGrung

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