The Mystery of High Saffron

The Inn of the Brass Twist

After a few days on the ship the party disembarked and headed east along the road they find towards Bridgeport. A few days travel later and the first civilization the party comes to is a small hamlet called High Saffron nestled in the high hills. Arriving late into the evening the party is overjoyed to find a large and well furnished inn sitting next to the central pond opposite scenic red rock bluffs. The Inn, which sports a large sign adorned The Brass Twist, is built to comfortable host individuals of all heights and is richly adorned, impeccably clean, and contained the innkeep, his wife and third, rather nervous, halfling who took his leave as the party entered.
The Innkeep, who introduces himself as Horos Joveur, and his wife, Eramia, as delighted to have customers and even more delighted to learn we are the adventuring type. After a quick private discussion they say there are more than willing to host our party for free if we agreed to look into the disappearance of a magical item that had gone missing. It seems that the town had been stalked of late by some sort of beast. The Innkeepers believed that this large hairy beast that had been sighted by several inhabitants was responsible for a sting of thefts. Thefts that included the disappearance of their Brass Twist, a trophy from their own adventuring days that the Inn was named for. The situation in High Saffron had been continuing for more than a fortnight and gotten to the point that a few of the town’s citizens had chosen to leave rather than be stalked further.
After a brief discussion the majority of the Opposition wants to accept the contract, Mo upon meeting the Inn’s cook, the dwarf Ranrigg Tardon, accepts the hospitality but passes on the job. Diogeir choose to pass on both the job and the hospitality and wanders off into the woods to “commune with nature”. The remaining group sets a watch for the night and makes plans to explore the town and interview some of those who spotted the beast in the morning.


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