Xharah Im-Shal

"...It's three gold pieces."


Xharah was born in Im-Shal, and worked for a long time with the Black Dagger Syndicate. Some know that she left the organization in less than reputible standing, and hasn’t returned to Farri Al-Kalbui since.

Among allies, she is known for her ability to move quickly and almost invisibly into almost any location, and her variety of practical and linguistic skills make her a reasonably good diplomat. However, she has a selfish streak, and is completely unwilling to help strangers if there isn’t coin, or the possibility of coin in it for her. She also constantly attempts to extort people of all walks of life.

Her weapon of choice is a repeating crossbow called Habibi, and she wears dark armor and a scrap of cloth taken from a Cloak of Concealment (effectively cloak of elvenkind), which she uses to hide in plain sight.

She stands at about 1’ 4", weighing just over 5 lbs. with purple eyes and green hair done back in corn rows into a ponytail of them. She has a third eye directly in the middle of her forehead, which is normally covered by her cloak, her bandanna, or both. She has a set of wings similar to a dragonfly which rest through a pair of holes in her cloak.

Xharah Im-Shal

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