High Saffron


The hamlet known as High Saffron is located in the northern mountains of the Kingdom of Gauward, situated at the edge of a notable red rock cliff face. The small tangle of cottages are and small convenience store and trading post comprise the only currently function settlements along the southern road connecting Bridgeport and the Valleydale-Rocky Point trail. not often used by supply caravans due to the safer more popular northern trails, this town mostly functions as a way-point for smaller, miscellaneous traveling caravans.

The towns most notable structures are The Brass Twist Inn and Ale and the Red Cliffs Trading Post.

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Eramia & Horos Joveur (half-lings): Inn keepers; retired adventurers; funding investigations

Ranrigg Tardon (Dwarf): Inn Chef; Maintains the mill; Brews beer

Dredrick Fogs (half-ling) Necromancer; Lived peacefully in the woods until you meddling kids…

Jozin Bernsicks “Old Man Berns” (Half-ling): Gardens; Receives gifts from rat folks

Zefria Quous (half-ling): Paints, Enjoys fine win and teas, spoke with Perseus? given gifts from rat folks

Perseus: Town cleric, fled town?

Sharmo Xokas (half-ling): Farmer; Strong-Man, jolly type

Opos Arrinzos (Half-ling): Woodworks; fine wine and cheeses

Tranto Parlek (Half-ling): not very talkative

Nerin Iradeka (Half-ling): runs the convenience store with her husband? Had some… really nice gear

Barbek Mining contractor; fled town?

Valder Ulnanii (half-ling): Sleeps in; has a temper; accused Berns of doing all of it

Bonebrand (half-ling) Highway-man; last seen unconscious at the old church

High Saffron

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